Alumni Updates (February 29-March 6)

Alumni Updates (February 29-March 6)

The Aloha Chapter Silliman University Alumni Association (ACSUAA), host of Tipon 2017 now has a new set of officers: Otilo “OG” Gimang (president), Jean Tantano-Arnts (first vice president), Erwin Quiñanola (second vice president), Meda Magdamo-Palencia (secretary), Alice Sy Chuang (treasurer), Ivy Dael Quiñanola (auditor), Nella Villanueva Gimang (PRO), and Rev. Alan Patadlas and Rev. Salome Pascubillo Patadlas (spiritual advisers). The members of the Board of Directors are: Marilyn Cenas Heintz, Luzette Somera de la Pena and Sam de la Pena all former chapter presidents.

The chapter’s meeting was held at the beautiful home of Dixie Gomez Dumaran in Haiku Village, Kaneohe. It was also a birthday celebration of two of its chapter members, Ray Soriano and Meda Magdamo-Palencia. Visiting Sillimanians Noel de Jesus and Melanae Gimang, who is the treasurer of the Silliman University General Alumni Register, Inc. in Houston, Texas, joined the gathering, with Aloha Chapter old timers Lily Verano Brewbaker and Nila de Jesus Valencia.

Aloha Chapter president OG may be reached at [email protected].

Sillimanian couple Fausto P. De Guzman (BS Psych ‘93), who is the Consular Chief at the US Embassy in Brunei, and wife Arlene M. Felix De Guzman (BS Psych ‘93) visited the campus recently and met up with former classmates and friends. They made a courtesy call on Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Betsy Joy B. Tan, former professor at the Psychology Department, and dropped by at the Alumni and External Affairs Office. They were on campus with batchmate Joanne Marie Asunto-Gomez.

IN MEMORIAM: Leland Chou (former faculty School of Music and Covenant Choir director SU Church) on November 5, 2015; George S. de Guzman (BBA ’68) on November 14, 2015; Jose G. Bermas (father of Irma B Pal- Mass Com faculty) on November 18, 2015; Guillermo William V. Ozoa (HS ’65) on November 25, 2015; Freddie V. Aquino (HS ’55, BBA ’63) on November 28, 2015; Alfredo F. Tadiar (AA ’51, AB ’53, LLB ’55, OSA 2008) on December 4, 2015; Philips G. Munar (AB Anthro ’81, BTH ’93, M. Div. ’97, Retired Faculty) on December 20, 2015; Walfrido R. Ponce de Leon (BSE ’48, MA Educ ‘52) on December 28, 2015; Francis Rechie B. Biyok (BS Chem ’06, Former faculty) on January 7, 2016; Wilnorie P. Rasay (BS Bio ’82) on January 19, 2016; Betty Parreñas-Flores (HS ’50, AA ’52) on January 24, 2016; Pompey F. Mikin (AA ’51, AB ’53, LLB ’56) on January 26, 2016; Letecia Yasay-Diao (BSN ’57) on January 30, 2016; Roberto V. Gamonez, Jr. (BSN ’88) on February 2, 2016; Jose M. Arevalo (BSCE ’59, former faulty) on February 3, 2016; Louella Moncal-Pineda (BS Pre-Med ’71) on February 3, 2016; Annabelle E. Pa-a (BBA ’77, University Registrar) on February 5, 2016; Mileva Macadaeg Dime (M. Div. ’82) on February 6, 2016; Teresita “Chit” Z. Teves (wife of Edgar Teves HS ’62) on February 24, 2016; Beatriz Demerre-Jones (AB ’56) on February 26, 2016; Yafet Kambai (former student MPA ’15) on February 27, 2016 and Lily Maquilan-Panelo (BSE ’47) on March 1, 2016.