Building leaders, nurturing scholars, equipping the Church for Mission.

Silliman University Divinity School is recognized throughout the world as among Asia’s finest  theological schools.

  • It is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia. It is home to distinguished Filipino theologians who are applying themselves to nurture leaders for churches around the world,  and  international scholars offering insights and perspectives from the global church.
  • It is an academic unit of the prestigious Silliman University with a library holding more than 150,000  volumes, a complete academic curriculum in both the arts and sciences, and a community of more than 6000 creative and dynamic students.
  • Located on the 62 hectare campus of Silliman University, the Divinity School is host to the International Center for Mission Studies in Asia that  enjoys all the facilities of Silliman University including the enroll across academic  opportunity to cross-  disciplines

Guiding Principles

The Center shall serve as an academy of learning for scholars who will be trainers of Mission and teaching Missiology in Asia and throughout the world. Thus, the Center seeks: arning that is creative and

  1. To be an institution of leinnovative  in building and strengthening scholars in Missiology;
  2. To provide a mission training program and a curriculum rooted  in  the theological context of Asia and grounded in contemporary reality.
  3. To equip students to become trainers and teachers of mission in  Asia, integrating  skills and knowledge in development that  enable them  to engage religious,  impoverished  the multi-cultural, multi- and conflict-torn societies of Asia.
  4. To  offer a training program that integrates the disciplines of   theology and development with experiences gathered from  actual immersion in mission realities. The International Center for Mission Studies in Asia understands mission as a holistic task of bringing, sharing, and witnessing to the truth and power of the Gospel to all peoples in various nations and regions of the world.