Processes and releases transcripts of college, high school and elementary records for students, parents, and former students (alumni).

Prepares transfer credentials of students leaving the University.

Transcript Requirements 

  • TOR Request Form (Click here to Download)
  • Receipt of Payment (Business & Finance)
  • University Clearance (First Request)
  • Documentary Stamp(s)
  • 1 Passport size picture (white background)
  • Authorization Letter (for non-personal appearance)
  • 1 Prepaid Envelope (school’s copy; for those who will request for an honorable dismissal)

Processing time is 15 WORKING DAYS after submission of the above requirements. Releasing will be in the afternoon of the due date.


  • 15 Working Days is NOT APPLICABLE for new graduates.
  • An authorized representative may undertake the application and/or claim of the TOR, in the inability of the applicant to facilitate both personally. E-mail: [email protected]
  • Requests for mailing abroad by alumni can be made with the Registrar at [email protected].

TOR Fee:

For Employment ……………………… P260 (local or abroad) plus P20 documentary stamp

For Further Studies or Transfer .. P305 plus P20 documentary stamp

For Study Abroad ……………………. P260 plus P20 documentary stamp

For Other Requests …………………. P210 plus P20 documentary stamp

Research, Encoding and Information Section

  • Responsible for advising and preparing of block schedules for incoming freshmen.
  • Responsible for keeping the security code of the computer, particularly with regard to the safety and the preservation of the grades.
  • Responsible for inputting of accurate and reliable data of over 8,000 students enrolled in college, high school, elementary and early childhood for the business and finance personnel to access in terms of each student’s actual credit units and lab-credits for  assessment of tuition and school fees.

Evaluation and Graduation Section

  • Evaluates the records of the graduating senior students, attends to graduation matters, prepares the Form XIX (College records of Graduation) and endorses the same to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Region VII, Central Visayas, Cebu City.
  • This endorsement containing the Form XIX is for the CHED’s issuance of the special order or confirmation towards the completion of the degree.

Permanent Records Section

  • Responsible for the accuracy and the reliability of Permanent Records (PR) of college students.
  • Prepares and checks the PR in their custody before the Transcript Officer processes and releases the Transcript of Records to the clients.

Admission Section

The functions of the Office of Admissions are:   recruitment, admissions and registration.

Current Records Section

The chief of current records takes charge of the current records and credentials such as Form 137-A, Form 19 Report to CHED and transcript of records, grades, completion and honors Day.