100% in EE Exam; 19 New Licensed Mechanical Engineers

100% in EE Exam; 19 New Licensed Mechanical Engineers

All five fresh graduates of the College of Engineering and Design who took the Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination on September 7 and 8 registered a 100 per cent passing rate for Silliman University.

The first-time takers earned the University a perfect mark against the national passing rate of 53.64 per cent.

Congratulations to our new licensed electrical engineers:

  • Castor, Adler Clyde Sindiong
  • Fuentes, Scott Stewart Quipot
  • Gumahad, Diovanni Blanca
  • Hucal, Joshua James Parami
  • Sagun, Joseph Michael Yosores

In the same exam, three repeaters were unsuccessful. This led to an overall passing percentage of 62.5 per cent for Silliman.

Meanwhile, in the results released by the Professional Regulation Commission for the Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination held earlier, Silliman garnered an overall passing rate of 86.36 per cent, against the national passing percentage of 63.36.

The passing rate of first-time takers is 90 per cent, with two unsuccessful.

Congratulations to our new licensed mechanical engineers:

  • Adante, Julsam Solon
  • Aguirre, Mark Romil Tubio
  • Alcala, Mark Francis Duro
  • Alcoy, Isagani Caesar Yncierto
  • Antolo, Minbert Laspiñas
  • Arrozal, Pedro III Faburada
  • Borromeo, Carlo Lorenzo Alcantara
  • Chiong, Frederick Gonido
  • Delfino, Argie Melon
  • Dipaling, Florian Hardie Piñero
  • Favor, Jazper Jan Lasola
  • Flores, Ginalyn Pinili
  • Guivelondo, Kertz Burgos
  • Pabu-aya, Rufwin Albina
  • Ramos, Emmanuel Larena
  • Renacia, John Lorenz Rusiana
  • Saguban, John Kennedy Tabuzo
  • Semil, Joseph Francis Ablong
  • Vendiola Ralpho Yancy Omale