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Requirements for Entrance Honor Scholarship

  1. Accomplished application form available at the office of Registrar and Admissions and at SU website
  2. Certification from the Senior High School Principal stating the Honors received , Rank obtained and the number of graduates.
  3. Photocopy of Form 138.
  4. Photocopy of the Honor Certificate.

For details of each scholarship, contact the Scholarship and Aid Division at:
Email [email protected] Telephone +6335 4226002 local 328

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Why Silliman for Senior High? In the comforts of a campus named one of the world’s most beautiful, under programs touted as among the country’s best, with student services and facilities ranked as the region’s finest… you “experience college in senior high school”.In Silliman, our students in the Senior High do not just ask: “What do I want to become?”They find answers to a question that resonates with an inherent characteristic to serve and lead a life of impact: “What — with what I have and who I am — can I share with the community the most?”Our role in Silliman is to help build that bridge to get our students to know themselves better in relation to others. To empower and capacitate them. To develop that value added and social conscience. To journey with them in establishing careers either through college or straight to the real world of work after Senior High.

Senior High in Silliman University is among the first in the Philippines to have developed a comprehensive implementation framework. Its strength and quality are evidenced by Silliman being a training institution to public school teachers under the Department of Education. Its rigid and proactive strategies to rolling out the Senior High program infuses more than the basic requirements of the K+12 reform; it looks further ahead into implications on the country’s higher education landscape beyond K+12. This, and the University’s continuing pursuit to find a balance between preparations for K+12 implementation and ASEAN 2015 integration, has stirred great interest in international associations of higher education institutions.

In developing our programs, we also draw on distinctions granted by the Commission on Higher Education: Full Autonomous Status (highest distinction), Center of Excellence in Education and Nursing and Center of Development in Accountancy, Anthropology, Biology and Information Technology; and Level IV accreditation (highest) granted by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines.

Career Tracks

In Silliman, we affirm the liberating concept of Senior High as empowering of those desiring to establish careers after completing Senior High. Thus, we term what we offer as “Career Tracks” – cognizant of the training and preparation that we afford each student as individuals who invest their future with us, with varied sets of interests and inclinations. We understand – and so we offer quality Christian education as we are convinced is needed – that our students come to us with different yet unifying dreams of living a better life for themselves, for their families, and for the community that they belong.

Our Career Tracks are tailored-fit to incorporate all facets of campus experience that define “whole person education”. This distinctive approach to “whole person education” that facilitates an interaction of experiences among the University’s “5Cs of education” (Classroom, Church, [Athletic] Courts, [Cultural] Center, and Community) is what sets the Senior High program in Silliman apart. One Career Track is set apart in terms of competencies, skills development and specialized training; but not one is left out in terms of opportunities to develop themselves at their fullest on the University’s 62-hectare campus.

Read more about them here: Career Tracks

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