The University, through the Office of Student Affairs, exercises general supervision over all student activities outside the instructional and academic areas to ensure that students undergo a holistic college experience that facilitates the attainment of his/her full potential.

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Students are encouraged to participate in various activities that provide opportunities for spiritual, cultural, athletic, and social growth. The activities are carefully selected and scheduled to provide adequate time for study to ensure good academic performance. Furthermore, students are urged to take active interests and involvement in university and community affairs, particularly, participation in the various committees and divisions created by the university for such purpose.

Coordinated by the Dean of Students, the following Divisions extend student-related services:

Student Scholarship and Aid Division

As a regular program of Silliman University, financial assistance to qualified students are awarded every year through the four major financial assistance programs: UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS; SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIPS and GRANTS-IN-AID; WORK GRANTS, and SHORT-TERM EMERGENCY LOANS.

Special Scholarships

Designated Scholarships

These are scholarships that carry a name and are awarded according to the stipulations set by the donor/s.

Undesignated Scholarships

These scholarships also carry a special name but are open to all students enrolled in any course in the University.

University Scholarships

A.  Academic Honor Awards and Aid

Academic Honor Awards are available to all promising students in high school and college with high academic achievement.

An aid is a form of financial assistance given to qualified students to help supplement their financial requirements in the university. These are given to the most deserving cases and usually to a student/s who have been in Silliman for at least a semester. Consideration is given to a student/s with a QPA of at least “2.5” or better and who have made reasonable efforts to meet his/his financial needs through self-support. These are:

  • Aid to Athletics
  • Aid to Dance Troupe Members
  • Aid to Band Members
  • Aid to Children of UCCP Ministers
  • Aid to Children of AFP Personnel and Veterans (PD 277)


B.  Grants-In-Aid

Portal Scholarship

Incoming freshmen belonging to the top 10 percent of their graduating class who are economically challenged are given 75% free tuition. The grantee shall be required to serve a minimum of 10 hours a week as a student assistant to augment his/her assistance from the university. In addition to the grant, scholars are given priority in accommodation in cooperative dormitories (should the need arise) to help them maintain affordable living standards until they finish their degree. To qualify for the grant in the succeeding semesters the student must maintain a minimum QPA of 2.75. Priority courses to be awarded by the scholarship shall be determined by a university scholarship committee. Excluded from this scholarship are students enrolled in the Physical Therapy, Nursing and Medical Technology Programs.

Expanded Work Study Grant

The Expanded Work Study Grant is a scholarship aimed in allowing a qualified student/s to work his/her way through college following a 6-year curriculum. This enables the grantee to work 4 hours a day to augment their tuition cost while the university gives a counterpart in the form of a scholarship.

Fixed Grants

Are grants given to a qualified student/s for a semester to help augment their financial need through a fixed grant.

Foreign Student Exchange Program

Silliman University has maintained outstanding relations with international universities that promote foreign student exchanges through the Foreign Student Exchange Program. Each year a considerable number of students are selected for a maximum of a one (1) year’s exposure to a foreign academic environment as well as immersion in its local culture.

C.  Work Grants

Qualified students who have the desire to maximize their productivity during their vacant periods within the university are allowed to assist in various University offices and units upon issuance of a work grant permit from the SSAD office. Wages from these work assignments are applied to their school accounts of the current school term or to the next school term. Student assistants are eligible to work for a maximum of four (4) hours a day with a minimum load of 12 units and a maintaining QPA of at least 2.0. Students may withdraw excess wages after school account/s is/are fully paid. Work grants are renewable every semester including summer.

A student assistant is an automatic member of the SU Student Assistants Association (SUSAA) and must abide and uphold its constitution.

General Requirements, Policies and Guidelines of University Scholarship Grants

As a general rule, scholarships are awarded to those students meeting the criteria set forth by the University in coordination with the Scholarship Committee.

General Statements

  1. A scholarship is a privilege and not a right. It carries with it certain responsibilities
  2. Students applying for scholarships should not make applications for a particular or designated specific scholarship
  3. No student should come to Silliman University with the expectation of enjoying a scholarship, a work grant, or any financial assistance from the university unless s/he has been formally accepted and has received official notification of the award
  4. Awards are made only to those candidates with demonstrated need and on the basis of academic merit while financial assistance is given on the basis of financial need
  5.  Scholarships are subject to availability of funds, thus, every year the university determines the number of scholarships and aid that it will make available to incoming freshmen and continuing scholars on a first come first served basis.
  6. To maximize financial assistance to as many respondents as possible, awarding of a scholarship will be limited to one family member only, unless otherwise stipulated by the donor/s
  7. University scholars are chosen according to the rank and the number of scholarships available for the year.


  1. Students who wish to apply for a scholarship grant must comply with the minimum requirements on the set deadline
  2. Continuing scholars need to re-apply during the prescribed period. Non-compliance is automatic dropping from the Roster of Scholars.
  3. Once the list is drawn up, late applicants who may fulfill the minimum conditions shall no longer be considered.
  4. No student shall avail of two or more scholarships
  5. Successful candidates are required to sign the Scholarship Agreement indicating their acceptance of the conditions of the scholarship.
  6. With the exception of incoming freshmen, application for a scholarship will be considered if and only when the applicant has been in Silliman for at least a semester.
  7. The education of the student is not the sole responsibility of the school. The student and his/her family are also expected to contribute (e.g. through earnings, assets, savings and even borrowings against future earnings) to the educational costs incurred during the student’s study here in Silliman.
  8. All INC’s must be completed on or before the following semester’s Midterm Week before any financial assistance can be considered.
  9. All applications must be submitted on or before the designated deadline set by the SSAD Office.
  10. Must maintain a QPA of 2.5 or more, (or a QPA of 2.75 for Portal Scholars) unless otherwise stipulated by the donor/s.


  1. belonging to a low-income family
  2. belonging to a low-income family
  3. High School grade preferably 85% or more
  4. willing to enroll in a priority course subscribed by the university

Application Requirements

New Applicant/s:

  1. Letter of application stating the need for a scholarship / financial assistance
  2. Accomplished application form
  3. Recent photograph
  4. recent Income Tax Return or Certification from the Local BIR as a tax non-filer for both parents, and a declaration of assets
  5. (for transferees) Photocopy of Transcript of Records

Note: For new scholars, please pass to the SSAD office a day after official enrollment the following: class schedule, financial statement of current semester’s charges, signed Scholarship / Grant Agreement

Continuing Applicants:

  1. With the exception of incoming freshmen, applicants must have been enrolled in Silliman for at least a semester.
  2. Daily Time Record reflecting the necessary data
  3. Class schedule with official stamp of enrollment
  4. Grade form reflecting all subjects enrolled in the previous semester with final grades, teacher’s signature affirming the grade and computed QPA
  5. Financial statement reflecting the previous as well as, the current semester’s charges
  6. Draft / Final letter enumerating previous semesters activities / salient moments worth sharing  to your donor with a stamped envelope corresponding to the cost of destination
  7. (for second semester only) A greeting card for donor with a stamped envelope corresponding to the cost of destination
  8. recent Income Tax Return or Certification from the local BIR as a non-tax filer for both parents, and a declaration of assets
  9. Signed Scholarship / Grant Agreement

Other SSAD Programs and Services 

Short Term Emergency Loan

Emergency loans are extended to students for immediate school needs, such as medicines, school uniforms, purchase of textbooks, fieldtrips, partial payment of board and lodging (for coop residents only), and other course related requirements. The maximum amount shall be determined by the Student Aid Committee in consultation with the University Treasurer.

Student Emergency Loan forms are available at the SSAD Office. Applications shall be considered two (2) weeks after the start of classes and loans will end a month before final exams of the current semester. The loan should be paid on or before the release of the final exam permit.

Glunz Endeavor Award

The Glunz Endeavor is an award given in recognition to a student assistant/s who has/have met the criteria set forth by the award (e.g. worked his/her way through college, likewise maintaining exemplary academic performance, evident leadership potential?)