The Office of Registrar and Admissions (ORA) integrates three major functions of the University: Promoting the University through her degree program offerings; recruiting and processing student admissions to Silliman, and; receiving, evaluating, consolidating, systematizing, controlling, preserving student records and enrolling students and issuing transfer credentials.

The Registrar and Admissions Officer serves as the school liaison to government agencies: the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, the Commission on Immigration and Deportation, and the Department of Foreign Affairs through the S.U. Manila Office and foreign institutions.

In addition, he does public relations and monitors events that are taking place outside Silliman University. The latter function involves thinking and planning about what the outside environment thinks and does.  This is to help the University administration manage the environment and to help the Office “think globally” for the future and to “act locally”, now.


The ORA’s mission is the Christian commitment to Silliman University and to her clientele with integrity and honor by making the unit financially viable as well as by transforming the latter’s present conventional file environment into automated record management.

Its mission statement is to accomplish its vision through the goals and the planned activities.


The ORA’s vision shall be: By the year 2021, the Office of the Registrar and Admissions shall have attained financial self-sufficiency with a committed staff whose level of professional sophistication rises above their present threshold of competence; its services or operations fully automated; and, marketing strategies aggressive enough to attract students within the philosophy of Christian ethics.

Christian responsibility is Bible-based.  This means behaving in the context of accountability and crystal-clear transaction between the attending personnel and the clients.  All financial transactions are done in the Business Office; releases of student credentials are thoroughly processed, reviewed and fully documented.  Strict confidentiality of records is pursued vigorously as trustee of student documents.

The assurance for quick services cannot be attained without going into automation.  The latter’s fulfillment is dependent on solid financial position.  Thus, while the Office is attempting to deliver efficient services to her clients, the financial condition is correspondingly fixed.  Mendicancy must be contained to a level of respectability.  Too much of it weakens independence and impartiality in decision-making.  The classic dictum of Alexander Hamilton is instructive:  “A power over a man’s support is a power over his will.”


Specific objectives are drawn from the vision-mission statement adverted to above.  These objectives are specific intentions about what the Office intends to accomplish in the next 5 to 8 years.  The goals are:

To pursue the implementation of the financial scheme to meet the target Trust Fund in the amount of 6 million pesos by the year 2021.

  1. To adopt short-term financial strategy to support short term development efforts such as brain power upgrading, equipment acquisition, office improvement and funding other office needs not covered by the annual budget through the Restricted Fund system.
  2. To continue upgrading the computerization program for the transcript and permanent records, the secretary’s files, scholarship and teacher’s program, admissions and evaluation through the Management Information System(MIS) Department.  A separate one-stop service hub within the office is also desired.
  3. To pursue electronic storage of student records in the immediate term.
  4. To include the School of Basic Education in the online enrollment system.

Online Requisition of Documents

Online Document Requests: 

Online Process in Requesting Documents


List of documents that can be requested:

  1. Form 137
  2. Certificate of Enrollment
  3. Certificate of Graduation
  4. Certificate of Pending Diploma (for Senior High only)
  5. Certificate of Issuance of Diploma
  6. Diploma (Authentication/Reconstruction)
  7. Endorsement Letter (for CAV/Red Ribbon)
  8. Certification on English as Medium of Instruction



List of documents that can be requested:

  1. Transcript of Records
  2. Certificate of Enrollment and Grades
  3. Certificate of CQPA
  4. Certificate of Graduation
  5. Certificate of Eligibility for Admission into the Law Course (CEL-1)
  6. Diploma (Authentication/Reconstruction)
  7. Endorsement Letter for CHED (CAV/Red Ribbon)
  8. Detailed Course Description for Minor Subjects
  9. Medium of Instruction
  10. Alumni Document Requests (Nursing Documents, Verification Forms & other forms)



Please click this link to submit your request.


In this step, the officer in charge of the Office of the University Registrar will:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of your online request through the email you provided in the google form
  2. May further inquire other details if needed
  3. May inform you if there are clearances still that you have to settle;
  4. Or prerequisite documents that you have to submit to our office
  5. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, the amount that you have to pay as documents processing fee.

*Note: Please do not pay yet until your request has been verified and the correct amount of fees is communicated to you


Please pay through any of the following alternative payment centers and bank:


Please send a scanned copy or screenshot of your proof of payment or receipt on this email [email protected]. Once proof of payment is received, our officer in charge will send your schedule of claiming the documents requested.

Note: All requested documents will be scheduled for release. Requests for electronic copy is not encouraged since these can be falsified, however we can email you a copy upon request.

Student’s Guide to Online University Clearance 

  1. Fill out Online University Clearance Request link:
  1. Wait for email notification of the status of request
  2. If the email notice confirms that student is cleared, he/she may now request documents from the university.

If email notice indicates that there are still requirements or obligations required by the College/Dept or Unit, the student is encouraged to contact the said unit/dept to comply and wait for another email notification or make a follow up thru email: [email protected]