1. Interested applicants may now request for a pencil reservation at the Student Housing and Residence Division (SHRD) by email at [email protected].

2. To view the Board and Room Rates of the various dormitories and room accommodations, click here or scroll down to the bottom of this webpage. Applicants/parents must read and understand the Dormitory Manual and download the Application Form, Agreement, and Pre-Admission Questionnaire.


(Click to download)

A visit to the dormitories is most welcome for an informed dormitory and room accommodation decision/choice.

3. A completed pencil reservation at the SHRD needs the following important information of the applicant:

    1. Complete Name of the applicant
    2. Planned Course of study and Year level of the applicant
    3. Preferred Dormitory and Room Accommodation
    4. Name, Address and contact numbers of Parents

4. A follow-up of the pencil reservation must be made starting June 1, 2024 until July 26, 2024 between 8-12 noon and 2-5 p.m. during weekdays only (Mon-Fri), for personal appearance for an in-person interview of the applicant with their parent/guardian. Bring all the needed documents: Application Form, and Pre-Interview Questionnaire, the Recent Medical certificate (from any Registered Physician of your choice).

5. Take a Psychological Assessment Test at the Testing Center on the 3rd Floor, Oriental Hall.

6. Completion and submission of the following:

  1. 2 pieces recent 2 x 2 ID pictures
  2. Pre-Admission Questionnaire
  3. Notarized Dormitory Application & Agreement
  4. Resident Commitment to Dormitory Living
  5. Recent Medical Certificate to signify the fitness of the applicant to stay in the dormitory ( the certificate must be within 2 weeks before the interview)

Note: Submit a soft copy to the [email protected] of items b-g and original copy for the interview

7. Payment of the Board and Lodging. Keep the receipt for the issuance of Dormitory Assignment Slip (DAS).


a. Complete and submit to the SHRD Office the following:

    1. Notarized Dormitory Application and Agreement
    2. Recent Medical Certificate (the certificate must be within 2 weeks before submission)
    3. Commitment to Responsible Dormitory Living

b. Payment of the Board and Lodging. Keep the receipt for the issuance of Dormitory Assignment Slip (DAS)
c. Secure the Dormitory Assignment Slip (DAS)

For inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 420-1901 local 331.