The Student Housing and Residence Division (SHRD) is now accepting online reservations for the mid-term (June 20-July 31, 2022) and the 1st semester of SY 2022-2023. Reservations are made through the Student Housing and Residence Division’s official email address, [email protected]. Please provide SHRD the following information: reservation for mid-term or the first semester, your complete name, course and year, and the preferred dormitory accommodations. SHRD shall reply through email confirming your acceptance. Note that your acceptance to the dorm of your choice is subject to its availability.

Only dormitories that are currently unoccupied will be opened to interested students/parents. Dormitory visits will be allowed starting May 10, 2022. Only students and/or parents who are fully vaccinated are allowed to visit the open dorms. Visiting students/parents will be requested to present their vaccination cards/vaccination certificates and will be required to undergo triage at the entrance gates.

Download recent dorm rates: