Theme: “Today’s Treasures, Tomorrow’s Traditions: Cherishing Silliman’s Gifts”


Matthew 25:14-30: The Parable of the Talents
Songs: One More Gift; Find Us Faithful

Contact: Calendar Committee ([email protected])


The logo for the 123rd Silliman University Founders Day was designed by Jhana Trinidad, a second year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student. Trinidad says that her logo design “honors Silliman University by showcasing its rich history…. It is inspired by the University’s seal and emblems – the torch, the lighted lamp, and the Bible – which embody the values and dreams nurtured at Silliman.”

She further explains: “The number 1 features a cross with a person looking up at it, symbolizing the spiritual foundation and moral guidance instilled in Silliman’s students…. At the heart of the design is the number 2, turned into a feather pen with a book at its base. The feather pen is seen to symbolize the tool used to write the enduring gifts of knowledge and tradition, while the book represents the University’s unwavering faith and resilience. Lastly, the number 3 features a torch, symbolizing enlightenment and the power of education, akin to a guiding light such as the lighted lamp reflecting the University’s commitment to illuminating the students’ paths toward a brighter future.”



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