Environmentalist Donates LED Screen to Silliman

Environmentalist Donates LED Screen to Silliman

Environmentalist and former Puerto Princesa Mayor Hon. Edward S. Hagedorn donated 40 LED display panels for use at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium. Image

The LED panels make for a more energy-efficient and sharper audio-visual presentation inside the Luce.

Dubbed as the most beautifully designed auditorium outside Manila for its facade and acoustics, the Luce was established with funds from The Henry Luce Foundation.

Mr. Hagedorn’s donation came after a commitment he made during an earlier visit to Silliman. In 2011, he was the University’s Eminent Persons Lecturer during the 110th Founders Day. The invitation was in recognition of his championing the concept of sustainable development through environmental governance, successfully establishing Puerto Princesa as a model of eco-tourism.

A daughter of Mr. Hagedorn is a graduate of Silliman, with a degree of Bachelor of Nursing.