Scholars from 7 Countries on Campus for Diaconic Mgt Course

Scholars from 7 Countries on Campus for Diaconic Mgt Course

Fourteen scholars from seven countries are being hosted on campus for the International Diaconic Management Seminar-Workshop, from January 12 to February 2.

The participants, who come from Tanzania, Congo-DRC, Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, are in Silliman for the third of five modules of their two-year Master of Arts in Diaconic Management course. The course is being offered jointly by the Institute for Diaconic Science and Diaconic Management of the Protestant University Wuppertal-Bethel and the United Evangelical Mission (UEM).

Silliman is an International Center for Mission Studies in Asia, with support from the UEM. This distinction enables the University to serve as one of three venues where the different modules are being administered, on top of its own program offering of Master of Theology major in Mission Studies. Germany and South Africa are the other venues.

Lecturers for the third module are professors from the Divinity School, School of Public Affairs and Governance and the Graduate Programs office: Dr. Noriel Capulong (“Biblical Foundation of the Theology of Struggles”),  Dr. Muriel Montenegro (“Theological of Struggles: A Feminist Perspective”), Dr. Victor Aguilan (“Ethical Issues arising from Diaconic Management”), Dr. Reynaldo Rivera (“Political Economy of Globalization: Impact on Asian Ecology, Technology and Society and Governance and Management: Basic Introduction”), Dr. Jenny L. Chiu (“Corporate governance through Strategic and Implementation Planning”), and Dr. Evangeline P. Aguilan (“Corporate Culture and Diaconic Management: Culturally Sensitive Management”).

Also on campus are five mentors from Germany: UEM Executive Secretary Rev. Angelika Veddeler, Prof. Dr. Martin Büscher, Prof. Dr. Udo Krolzik, Deacon Joerg Oelmann and Rev. Katharina Kleine Vennekate.

Included in the third module is an exposure to some community sites where Silliman University has ongoing extension projects and mission work.