“Lifelong Learning, the SUCN Way”
By Dr. Betsy Joy B. Tan, Vice President for Academic Affairs

(Welcome remarks delivered on January 30, 2014 at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium during the “Balik-Turo 2014” event of the College of Nursing. The event coincided with the 67th College Week Celebration of the College of Nursing themed: “Leading the way to Excellence: Enhancing Nursing Practice through Global Collaboration.”)

In Donald Super’s Vocational Life Stages, Age 67  belongs to the Decline Stage.  However, as the College of Nursing is led by those who are in the Establishment (Age 25 to 44) and Maintenance (Age 45 to 64) Stages, there is at the Silliman University College of Nursing (SUCN) not only a kind of defiance against the devastation caused by vanity and the abuse of the the brain; but also a defiance against aging by aging beautifully! At SUCN then, organizational behavior is not because of the organization but because of its people!

Our nursing practice balik-talents from  New York, Prof. Marie Ortaliz and Prof. Susan Anabelle Gador; Prof. Ma. Eden Gianan from Boston; Philippine Nurses Association-America coordinator, Prof. Rosario Mayor; College of Nursing Dean Dr. Evalyn Abalos; distinguished guest, Ms. Olivia Yanson; fellow Sillimanians . . . good morning!

Welcome to Balik-Turo 2014! Congratulations to SUCN on your 67th birthday!  Congratulations too, for upholding the tradition of excellence in the University in the recent results of the Nursing Board Exam…by someone who combines beauty and brains – our Ms Silliman 2010 first runner-up!

Congratulations, too, for giving an innovative twist to our University’s tradition of “Balik-Talent Lecture” with your “Balik-Turo”.  Such nationalism in innovation that combines Cebuano and Pilipino is surely a source of pride in lifelong learning that can only come from SUCN!

Indeed, there are two buzzwords in your theme that are essential to lifelong learning these days:  ‘global’ and ‘collaboration’.  ‘Global’ and ‘collaboration’ are not only essentials to survival in this Information Society; ‘global’ and ‘collaboration’ are also indispensables to life and learning in a knowledge community like Silliman University!

Welcome to SUCN’s “Balik-Turo 2014” – the college whose men and women of strength lead in excellence as they also excel in beauty!

From New York, Anthony Villa years ago wrote that –

   What you are, is God’s gift to you.
   What you make of it, is your gift to God!

Today, welcome to how SUCN nurtures such gift of excellence in both beauty and brain.  Welcome to lifelong learning the SUCN Way!