‘Be of Service to Others’, Dr. Malayang Tells Graduates

‘Be of Service to Others’, Dr. Malayang Tells Graduates

Silliman President Dr. Ben S. Malayang III addressed the graduates during the 101st Commencement Exercises on March 31, and urged them to see their diplomas beyond themselves.

The speech of Dr. Malayang came after his announcement of the inability of the graduation speaker, Mr. Raymundo Cipriano “Ryan” Cayabyab, to be on campus following the cancellation of all flights to Dumaguete on that day due to bad weather.

Mr. Cayabyab later sent his recorded video message to the graduates. Click to view: Message of Mr. Cayabyab.

He sympathized with the students and shared with them how many are equally disappointed at the turn of events. But Dr. Malayang said: “I think to be disappointed would be wrong.”

Everyone had to be thankful, he explained, that Maestro Cayabyab is safe, despite the flight cancellation. That means he still has more opportunities to share his talent to Silliman and many in the country, he added.

The President likened the turn of events to what happens in one's life where things don't occur as planned. While disappointment might be a normal reaction, he said there are essentials that remain undiminished. He urged the graduates to see beyond what could be an unfortunate circumstance, and ponder on how the same present greater options.

Dr. Malayang then congratulated the more than 900 graduates and reinforced the value of their diplomas as an instrument with which they can be of service to others.

According to him, while many strive to to be number one, they lose sight of the fact that “the number one is the person who can make many others a number one in their true sense.”

“We are made to think that in order to succeed, we have to be better than any other else. When in fact, the most successful person is one who has made many others successful.”

As the world drives people to be competitive, Dr. Malayang urged the graduates to consider others. He said: “This world will blossom only when all of us are able to cooperate and collaborate with each other.”

Concluding his message, he highlighted the role that faith plays in one's life. “Faith can only be a powerful influence in your life if you will realize that it is not you that makes your life but God and God alone.”

“When you receive your diplomas this afternoon, I pray that you will not only see it as a your reward, but as an instrument with which you can be of service to others and through which you will become an image of God to the many who are in need in the community — that is the Silliman diploma,” Dr. Malayang said.

Of this year's graduates, a total of 73 received Latin honors: 17 magna cum laude and 56 cum laude.