Impacts on Environment Depicted in Mural at Anthro Museum

Impacts on Environment Depicted in Mural at Anthro Museum

A self-taught painter who is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Public Administration in Silliman completes a mural on the ground floor of the Anthropology Museum housed in the historic Silliman Hall.


The mural by Lise Paul D. Abitona, who hails from Mindanao, tells a story of the environment. It covers three walls by the stairs to the second floor of the Museum. The first wall depicts the environment in its healthy state and the next two transition to the effects of forest degradation and industrialization.

ImageAbitona began work on her mural on August 10 last year, initially spending between eight to nine hours during her free time until Christmas break. The sketches on all three walls were completed in time for the Founders Day in 2013. Painting was completed before the summer break this year.

Her mural, which is located in the receiving area of the Museum, brightens up what used to be a drab unutilized space on the ground floor.

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