Neurosurgeon on Honors Day: ‘Honoring the Unseen Sacrifice’

Neurosurgeon on Honors Day: ‘Honoring the Unseen Sacrifice’

A top neurosurgeon in the province spoke about receiving awards on stage beyond what meets the eye.

During the 40th Honors and Recognition Day of the High School Department held July 28 at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Dr. Krypton Kho reflected on the theme “Embracing the Refiner’s Fire,” an image taken from the ancient science of metallurgy.

“We only see the end product: shiny and glamorous. We do not see the smelting, the crucible that removes the unnecessary dregs,” he said.

Dr. Kho, who was an honor student himself and who graduated first honorable mention from Silliman High School in 1983,  proceeded by comparing this with the 113 honor students on stage.


“We see them all dressed up, well-behaved and smiling… But we are actually honoring the hard work and the unseen sacrifice behind the high marks they've earned in school,” he explained.

Dr. Kho also discussed the importance of pursuing excellence.

He took reference to Howard Gardner's concept of multiple intelligence and emphasized that “anyone can be a person of excellence, and the aspiration to greatness is available to everyone.” He cited three essentials to becoming this person: (1) knowing who you are, (2) knowing where you are going, and (3) taking charge of your life.

“Perhaps that is why our theme today encourages us to ‘embrace’ the refiner’s fire, instead of avoid it. People who seek excellence must embrace the discomfort, the sleepless nights, the hard work and sacrifice, in order to achieve their desired results,” Dr. Kho stressed.

Dr. Kho is a resident doctor at the Silliman University Medical Center.