Search for Senior Pastor Open

Search for Senior Pastor Open

The Call Committee for Ministers is now beginning the process of soliciting nominations for the post of the Senior Pastor of Silliman University Church.  The Committee therefore invites the Congregation and UCCP partner-churches here and abroad to submit the names of candidates for the post.  The nominees must meet the following criteria: 

  • Holder of at least a master’s degree in ministry or theological studies,
  • One who upholds and abides by the UCCP Statement of Faith,
  • A person of good moral character, highest level of integrity, industry, commitment and dedication to pastoral work,
  • Has pastoral experience as minister of a local church for at least 5 years,
  • Available and has no pending commitments with other local churches or institutions,
  • Has good track record of service and performance in previous churches or institutions,
  • Has basic training in Clinical Pastoral Education, and
  • Is psychologically and mentally fit.

The search is a spiritual endeavor, and so we need to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this task. The Call Committee for Ministers will be receiving nominations until September 5, 2014. If you have questions, please contact the Call Committee for Ministers through the Church Office.  Nomination forms are available at the Church Office. Nomination forms can also be downloaded here: Nomination

“I will raise up shepherds over them who will shepherd them, and they shall not fear any longer, or be dismayed, nor shall any be missing, says the Lord.” (Jeremiah 23:4 NRSV)

The Call Committee for Ministers decided on the following time frame following the process outlined in the SU Church Manual:




August 2014 – September 5, 2014

Announce the search for senior pastor (SU, UTS, UCCP, NCCP, partner churches abroad, etc.);

On-going; formulated a nomination form 

September 2014

Communicate and connect with the nominees officially to ask for their CVs and send them also a brief church profile. Screening of nominees will already commence as soon as those nominated will respond positively and send their CVs

We  will be asking from the church office the church profile

October  2014

Finalize the screening and evaluation of CVs, draw out a short list of nominees, and visit the last church assignment of those who are in the short list for a background check  


November – December 2014

Invite the two (2) short-listed nominees to meet the Church Council and preach in two services – 9:30 service and another one.


December 2014

If possible, as early as December, the Committee will submit the names of the two final nominees to NDC for accreditation.


On or before the 2nd Sunday  of January  2015

Endorse the final two recommended names accredited by NDC-UCCP  to the Church Council for approval


3rd week of January  2015

If the Church Council approves the names of the nominees duly accredited by NDC-UCCP, the names will be submitted to the SU President’s Office.


2nd Sunday of February 2015

Upon receiving the favorable recommendation by the University President, the Church Council will submit the two names of the nominees to the congregation (governing members) for the selection of one nominee to be the Senior Pastor.



Acknowledging that the search is a spiritual process, the Call Committee therefore offers this prayer:

            O God of Wisdom, help the Call Committee members, and Silliman University Church as a whole, to have the integrity to do this task. Grant to Silliman University Church the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find a suitable Senior Pastor according to your will, one who will meet the church’s needs and for the blessing of the church in this place. Then, Silliman University Church will truly be a blessing to this academic community, and to the larger society.


Announcement issued by the Silliman University Church Senior Pastor Search Committee chaired by Dr. Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro.