Silliman Turns 113, Creates #Silliman113 for Social Media Loop

Silliman Turns 113, Creates #Silliman113 for Social Media Loop

ImageEvery August, Dumaguete City witnesses the sense of community that Sillimanians and non-Sillimanians alike share together.

The Founders Day of Silliman University conjures a spirit of unity that allows everyone to reflect on the value of Silliman not only as an institution of learning, but also as an inclusive community that sees life beyond itself.

While it has become a tourist attraction, bringing good business to local establishments, the Founders Day remains to be a celebration of a ministry that seeks to radiate love, hope and care to different communities. 

ImageOn August 28, Silliman officially turns 113. Hundreds of alumni from different parts of the world come home and join in the celebration of thousands of Sillimanians who are already on campus. Even those who have never set foot on Silliman for education find a place for themselves in the different activities lined up throughout the month of August. 

This year’s celebration is guided by the theme “Submitting to the Refiner’s Fire”. It reminds us of the greatness of God, and how certain events in our lives put us through a purifying and transformative experience that tests our character and strengthens our faith.

ImageThe 113th Founders Day celebration was officially launched with an opening service at the Silliman University Church on August 16 with Old Testament professor Dr. Noriel Capulong as the speaker. It culminates on August 30 with the closing ceremonies of the 53rd Church Workers Convocation.

To download the full Founders Day Calendar of Activities, click: 113 Founders Day Schedule

#Silliman113 and Live Streaming

To be in the loop on how each is celebrating the 113th Founders Day, type #Silliman113 when sharing your posts, photos or videos in social media.

In partnership with Smart Communications, Silliman transmits via live streaming the Parada Sillimaniana starting at 2PM on August 27 and the Sunrise Service at 5AM on August 28. For updates on the direct link, and on other events that might be shown via live streaming, visit and like the official Facebook page of Silliman University: