Musical Inspired by Book on ‘Ampalaya’ Opens September 19

Musical Inspired by Book on ‘Ampalaya’ Opens September 19

An original musical that is inspired by the children’s book “Alamat ng Ampalaya” (Legend of Bitter Gourd) is being staged at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium from September 19 to September 22.

“Ampalaya the Musical” takes off from the famous book by Augie Rivera Jr. (Read synopsis below.) It features the University’s homegrown thespians and singers. 

ImageCollaborating to put this musical together are performing artist Ms Dessa Quesada-Palm as director, College of Performing and Visual Arts Dean Dr. Elizabeth Susan Vista-Suarez as musical director, and Ms Patty Yusah and New York-based accomplished Filipino guitarist Maestro Michael Dadap for the music and lyrics. 

The musical features the following performing artists: Jyacinth Marie E. Same (Mustasa), Paulynne Joyce R. dela Cruz (Sigarilyas), Andrea Noelle Matalam-Alvarez (Mani), Ludgezart A. Tumpag (Kamote), Japheth Madarimot Babanto (Sitaw), Onna Rhea Quizo (Okra), Ralene Jullianne Sitoy-Ensomo (Susie Bawang), Lemoine Rey D. Poligrates (Siling Labuyo), Kamele Marie Gequilan Maratas (Labanos), Nicka Mae Maputi (Kalabasa), Onna Rhea Quizo (Ubodman sa Saging), JJ-Dearson A. Aba-a (Talong), Jessah Fhee M. Jubay (Spicy Bawang), Marianne Grace dela Raya (Millie Bawang), Herman Glenn D. Magdura (Luya), Jerry Abgelo Z. Catarata (Sibuyas), Vida Marie Genilla (Kamatis), Ralene Jullianne Sitoy Ensomo (Susie Bawang), Mary Anne Ortiz (Ampalaya), and Rigel Suarez (Ballader).

Tickets are available at the Cultural Affairs Committee Office located at the College of Performing and Visual Arts, and at the Luce Lobby before the show begins. For reservations, contact: (035) 422-4365 or 0917-323-5953.



A long time ago, in the Land of Sariwa, vegetables grew abundantly and happily. Except for a gourd named Ampalaya who was pale, hairy, and bland. The other vegetables tried to welcome her into their playtime but she bent all rules to suit herself and pushed away all those who tried to befriend her with her mean ways. She was envious of the good taste, color, and other features of the vegetables in Sariwa and schemed to steal all these things while the rest are asleep. So one night, in her greediness, she stole the color of Kamatis and Talong, the flavorful spice of Luya, the mouth watering aroma of the Bawang sisters, the sweetness of Kalabasa, the crunch of Labanos and many more. The vegetables woke up to a shock, realizing their unique features were gone. They confronted Ampalaya, and she nonchalantly paraded all that she took from the other vegetables. They sought the help of Atty. Malaya who lifted the case to the Land of Sariwa’s beloved judge, Ubodmansa Saging and her jury of diwatas. After all evidences were presented and the deed was proven, the consequence of Ampalaya’s unjust and selfish behavior will lead to her major transformation.