Library Outreach Program Benefits 2 More Public Schools

Library Outreach Program Benefits 2 More Public Schools

The Outreach Program of the University Library adds two more recipients this year, bringing up the number of beneficiaries to ten public elementary schools.

North City Elementary School and Calindagan Elementary School are the new additions this year. Each received a total of 662 volumes of story books which were donated by the First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Under Silliman’s partnership with the First Presbyterian Church, the University will facilitate the distribution of story books to identified public elementary schools. The system is unique. Every year, since 2009, a pair of public elementary schools is selected as recipient of two different sets of story books. The same pair will then swap their collection in the second year, in order to offer a new reading experience to its pupils.  It is during this swapping of collection when the school becomes the permanent repository of the story books.


University Librarian Mrs. Lorna T. Yso spearheaded the turnover of the books to this year’s recipients. Earlier in July this year, together with her team, Mrs. Yso also facilitated the exchange of books between two previous recipients: Candau-ay Elementary School and Balugo Elementary School.

In 2015, it will be the turn of the North City and Calindagan elementary schools to swap book collections.

Previous recipients also include: Hermenegilda F. Gloria Memorial School, with 1,879 volumes (October 29, 2009) and Babajuba Elementary School, with 1,982 volumes (October 29, 2009); Camanjac Elementary School, with 646 volumes (August 13, 2010) and Amador Dagudag Elementary School, with 692 volumes (August 13, 2010); and Cantil-e Elementary School, with 699 volumes (June 23, 2011) and Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Elementary School, with 670 volumes (June 23, 2011).