100% for Silliman in Nurse Licensure Exam

100% for Silliman in Nurse Licensure Exam

Silliman University registered 100 per cent in the Nurse Licensure Exam administered November last year and which results were released January 23.

ImageThe national passing rate was 57.29 per cent.

A total of 30 from Silliman took the exams — 29 were first-timers and one, repeater. Most of the takers graduated in October 2014.

There are two licensure exams for nurses held every year: one in May and another in October. The bulk of Silliman graduates take the NLE in May.

Congratulations to our new licensed nurses:

  1. Burdeos, Anthea Rae Erigbuagas
  2. Candelario, Danah Shareen Ozoa
  3. Caro, Dolce Antique
  4. Columnas, Dustin Mercado
  5. Daug, Sam Norton Magsayo
  6. Dunque, Ruby Shelah Piera
  7. Dy, Kyle Windsor Emperado
  8. Fuentes, Lovella Gan
  9. Gamad, Christelle Kim Hierro
  10. Guevarra, Marianne Daphne Fabe
  11. Gumban, Daisy Joy Leopardas
  12. Ho, Johanna Dy
  13. Lopez, Sunshine Nove Grace Solomon
  14. Managaytay, Jonafe Pacionela
  15. Manalo, Alexandra Opada
  16. Muñoz, Rodilyn Febbie Basiya
  17. Murillo, Madia Mai Cuerbo
  18. Navarra, Steffi An Naluan
  19. Opulentisima, Chilynn Napigkit
  20. Perez, Jemimah Jane Abique
  21. Rodriguez, Jerevi Mia Soria
  22. Sabillano, Herleen Quero
  23. Sale, Junny Annalysa Leopoldo
  24. Sevillejo, Renelyn Trangia
  25. Solon, Marion Isabel Tirambulo
  26. Tingas, Czarina
  27. Torres, Diana Jane Rancap
  28. Velasco, Joshua Jireh Sienes
  29. Villarin, Jon Martin Lopez
  30. Villarin, Frances Ann Badon