California School Back in Silliman for Service-Learning

California School Back in Silliman for Service-Learning

Francis Parker School (FPS) in San Diego, California is back in Silliman University for its annual service-learning exposure.

The batch this year is composed of 18 high school students who are on campus for around week, from February 13 to 18.


They will be divided into groups and assigned to five different partner communities of the Institute of Service-Learning and the Extension Program: Little Children of the Philippines Foundation, Inc., La Casa Esperanza, Barangay Apolong in the municipality of Valencia, and Barangays Libjo and Boloc-boloc in the municipality of Dauin.


Comprising this year's batch are Caroline Merkin, Charlotte Dick-Godfrey, Liberty Pearl, Nicholas Watkins, James Thompson, Hannah Lettington, Daniel Du, Daniel Jacobsen, Bradley Selwyn Sommer, Alec Morgan, Robert Gianella, Claire Nussbaum, Corinne Nixon, Derek Polk, Kevin Rodin, Jack Ryan, Wig Biel, and Erik Riis. They are joined by two faculty members, Philip Trotter and Dr. J.P. Pierce, and Mary Scudder, an administrator at FPS.

FPS is a premiere independent day school that provides college-preparatory education.