Dr. Malayang’s Statement on 2-Year Term Extension

Dr. Malayang’s Statement on 2-Year Term Extension

Statement on the Board of Trustees’ Decision on Two-Year Term Extension

The decision of the Board of Trustees to extend my term for two more years from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2018 challenges us in the Leadership Community in the University to do as much as we can to pursue the University’s vision, mission and goals through the next few years of significant education reforms in the country.

We are acutely aware that what lies ahead is a daunting task. But with faith and the support of the members of the Silliman and larger community, we can all work toward ensuring the University’s success.

My colleagues and I are grateful to the Board for its close guidance and focused foresight in the pursuit of Silliman University’s Strategic Plan. We commit to pitch in to the collective efforts of the entire University to set the foundation for a new leadership by 2018.

(SUHS Class 1970)

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