Press Statement: Tuition and Fees in Silliman

Press Statement: Tuition and Fees in Silliman

Issue Date: 12 May 2015
Subject: Tuition and Fees in Silliman

Tuition and fees are serious concerns in Silliman. They always are. They are intended to be as low as possible, yet sufficient to support a portion of the costs of education that we give our students. (This portion was 70% in school year 2013-2014, which was the latest year with completed external audit.) We source our other costs from gifts and income-generating activities, such as farm production, rentals and leases.

Tuition adjustments are only for incoming new students. They are offered to those who are yet to enroll in Silliman. Students already enrolled have the same tuition from when they first enrolled in a course until they complete their program. No new tuition is imposed (no tuition increases) on students already enrolled in a course until they graduate in the same program.

Fees are adjusted on a “per fee”, “per need” and “per course” basis. These are based mainly on changing prices of supplies and materials and of availing certain equipment, learning facilities and auxiliary services (such when students rotate and do internships in other institutions). These supplies and learning facilities are needed in a course as compelled by new standards of instruction set by different academic and standard-setting bodies of professions and government.

This way, Silliman hopes to balance, on the one hand, the interest of students (those who choose to come to Silliman) to have the same (predictable) tuition until they graduate, and, on the other, the interest of the University to make sure that it is able to afford the best qualified teachers, staff, facilities and services for our students.

Please refer to our website ( for the detailed schedule of tuition and fees for next School Year 2015-2016 in Silliman.

Released by:
Mark Raygan E. Garcia
Director, Office of Information and Publications
E-mail: [email protected]