Online Course on ‘Localizing Poverty Reduction Targets’ Opens June 9

Online Course on ‘Localizing Poverty Reduction Targets’ Opens June 9

Silliman University ties up with two other universities in Iloilo and Davao and the World Bank (WB) in rolling out a pioneering course on “Localizing Poverty Reduction Targets”.

The course opens June 9, with the first of four development discussions focusing on the national perspective of poverty and development. Resource persons for the first development discussion, which will be at Silliman, are officials from the National Economic and Development Authority, Department of Interior and Local Government, Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department and WB.

“Localizing Poverty Reduction Targets” draws on the experiences of local government units (LGUs) and civil society in how they have been able to localize and achieve poverty reduction targets outlined in the national agenda. It focuses on best practices, challenges and local initiatives driven towards improving quality of life in three Philippine cities: Dumaguete, Davao and Iloilo. 

Over a span of three weeks, the succeeding development discussions shift focus from national to local initiatives. They will feature efforts of LGUs in Dumaguete, Davao and Iloilo at pursuing their respective local development agenda, particularly in six areas: livelihood, employment, food sustainability, healthcare, education, and climate resiliency.

Participants at all three sites (Dumaguete, Davao and Iloilo) are key decision makers from LGUs, civil society and the academe. They will be convened at their respective host universities: Silliman for Dumaguete, Central Philippine University (CPU) for Iloilo and University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) for Davao. Except for the activity in their area, they will be connected via the Internet to development discussions featuring the other two cities. Dumaguete is scheduled on June 15, Davao on June 22 and Iloilo on June 25. 

Participants in the three sites are expected to develop a concept paper at the end of the course, detailing how LGUs can better engage communities and achieve local targets aimed at poverty alleviation and shared prosperity.

Silliman, CPU and USEP are part of the Knowledge for Development Community, an organization composed of WB partner universities in the Philippines.