SY 15-16

SY 15-16

June brings mixed emotions to students. Some find it hard thinking about going back to school. Others would be excited to be doing new things and making new friends. Others would be fidgety about being in a new situation in their lives.

Whatever your case, welcome to School Year 2015-2016!

June is a cause for celebration. It is a start of a new school year. It ushers you to a new beginning, to a fresh chapter of your endeavors. It brings you closer to your dreams in life.

Whatever it is that either motivates or makes you anxious in starting class, always remember that the Silliman experience is all about building within you that character, competence and faith that will help you better prepare for the future ahead of you. Seize all the opportunities to live a meaningful and truly fun campus life. While we in Silliman will do the best we can to provide you with the best, what you make of every opportunity that comes your way depends in large part on the appreciation of your role in this world.

Again, on behalf of all of us and of our Board of Trustees, welcome!