Europe Alumni Chapter Supports Extended Work Scholarship Program

Europe Alumni Chapter Supports Extended Work Scholarship Program

The Silliman University Association of Alumni and Family in Europe (SUAAFE-GABS) Chapter has donated an amount it has generated from its fund-raising to support the University’s scholarship program. 

SUAAFE-GABS turned over a total 500 representing proceeds from “Euroflock”, the first gathering in Berlin of alumni based in Europe. The donation coincided with the chapter’s third year anniversary. 

Plans are underway to explore how the chapter can better support the Extended Work Scholarship Program (EWSP) of the University. The amount, of which donation was approved during the chapter’s general assembly, reinforced SUAAFE-GABS’ interest to bring in more academically deserving but financially constrained scholars to Silliman. 

The EWSP enables students from families with low household incomes to pursue college education in Silliman with a substantial subsidy coming from incentives as a student assistant. 

Project Committee Chair Ms Josephine Tia Bouma personally handed the chapter’s donation to Silliman University Vice President for Development Prof. Jane Annette L. Belarmino.