Speech and Theater Arts Department Stages ‘Reminiscences’

Speech and Theater Arts Department Stages ‘Reminiscences’

In a show of gratitude and a collective journey down memory lane, the Speech and Theater Arts Department (STAD) treated late last month the Silliman community to a medley of performances at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium.

Dances, singing, and snippets of Broadway performances and theatrical plays brought life to the stage in a show dubbed “Reminiscences: A Prelude to the 50th Anniversary of the Speech and Theater Department”.

Proceeds from the show went towards a fund intended to support the ongoing renovation of the Woodward Little Theatre – where many Sillimanians, especially those who have graduated from the Speech and Theater Arts program, have produced award-winning plays and musicals.

As how it was during their college years, the Luce became a venue where alumni from around the globe came home to share their talents. Featured was a mix of alumni, friends and students: 2015 Outstanding Sillimanian Mr. Miguel Braganza, Mr. Andy Bais, Mr. Joel Pal, Ms Eva Rose Washburn-Repollo, Mr. Curtis Washburn, Mr. Estrellito Galarrita, Mr. Mano Salvador, Ms Maria Luz Havranek, Ms Myka Abella, Ms Onna Rhea Quizo, Wanella Ursos and Denise Aguilar.

A tribute was also given to two individuals who have passed on but remain a strong influence on the pursuit of excellence in the University’s culture of performing arts: Outstanding Sillimanian Mr. Junix Inocian and former Luce Auditorium manager and STAD professor Ms Evelyn Aldecoa. This was capped with a duet by 2014 Outstanding Sillimanian Judge Jenny Lind Aldecoa-Delorino, the sister of the late Professor Aldecoa, and Mr. Pal.

“Reminiscences” was put together by a team headed by former STAD professor Dr. Belen D. Calingacion as director and alumnus and 2015 Outstanding Sillimanian Mr. Miguel Braganza as assistant director and choreographer.