Development Division Invites Bids for Lease of Portal East Building

Development Division Invites Bids for Lease of Portal East Building

To rise in a strategic location for business in the corner of two of Dumaguete’s major thoroughfares (Silliman Avenue and Hibbard Avenue) is The Portal East Building. It falls on the outer southern side of the campus of Silliman University, a National Historical Landmark, where pedestrian traffic is high. It faces the commercial district along Perdices Street and is a short distance from the Rizal Boulevard, a famous tourist attraction in Dumaguete City.

The five-storey Portal East Building has a total land area of approximately 4,091 square meters. Itprovides a view of the sprawling East Quadrangle with age-old acacia trees, amenities and PWD-friendly facilities of a modern commercial building, including a high-capacity generator set. Lessees can commence fit-out work as early as the third or fourth quarter of 2016.

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Once completed, the Portal East Building will realize the “Twin Portals Project” of the University, with its first of these two buildings, The Portal West, inaugurated in 2007. The Project was pursued to help augment non-tuition revenues of the University and so allow Silliman to give its students more and better services that can be had from tuition and fees.

Target completion of The Portal East Building: December 2016.

Bid Particulars 

Silliman University is calling on all interested parties to bid to lease any or all floors of the Portal East Building. Bids are to reflect prevailing market lease rates.

Floor Space


Ground Floor

473.40 sq. m.


347.50 sq. m.

Second Floor

597.70  sq. m.

Third Floor

610.90  sq. m.

Fourth Floor

632.90 sq. m.

Fifth Floor

596.10 sq. m.

 Interested parties shall submit the following as part of their bid:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Concept Paper briefly describing use of the desired space
  3. Bid price for the desired space

Silliman reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

The first round for pre-qualification and evaluation of bids shall be on November 26, 2015.

Please secure application for bids and submit accomplished bidding forms on or before November 23, 2015 to:

     The Office of the Vice President for Development 
     3/F Leopoldo T. Ruiz Administration Hall
     Silliman University 
     Dumaguete City

For inquiries, e-mail: [email protected]