SU Explores Educational Opportunities Under Dumaguete-Alameda Partnership

SU Explores Educational Opportunities Under Dumaguete-Alameda Partnership

A 17-member delegation from Alameda City in California, led by Mayor Trish Spencer, was in Dumaguete City on November 23 to 26 to explore how Alameda and Dumaguete City can operationalize the terms of its sisterhood partnership agreement.

Among the highlights were two simultaneous fora between members of the Alameda delegation and representatives from the business, private and education sectors in Dumaguete. Silliman University played a key role in exploring programs that would promote cultural exchange and immersion. The University was also engaged on its academic offerings and community-oriented initiatives, in encouraging Filipino-Americans in the Bay Area to pursue studies or a portion of their academic requirements in Silliman.

Professors of the College of Computer Studies also interfaced with one member of the Alameda delegation who is a technology consultant and an expert in startup businesses. Identified as a potential training ground is the University’s newly inaugurated Apps Incubation and Development Laboratory, established with funding from the Uytengsu Foundation and the support of Apple, Inc.

The visit of the Alameda delegation also coincided with the visit of another sister city of Dumaguete, Yeongdun-Gun in South Korea which also had a 17-member delegation, led by Mayor Park Se Bok. A The Korean delegation was hosted along with the delegation from Alameda and also participated in the same activities, including the business and academic forum.

In June this year, a delegation from Dumaguete visited Alameda. Silliman President Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, who was in the United States that time for the Tipon celebration, was also invited to join the Dumaguete delegation and speak about partnership opportunities in the area of education.