January Celebrated as University Christian Life Emphasis Month

January Celebrated as University Christian Life Emphasis Month

Fitting as a start of the New Year, Silliman University celebrates the month of January as the University Christian Life Emphasis Month (UCLEM).

UCLEM official starts Sunday, January 10, through a worship service at the Silliman University Church.

Different faith-nurture activities are spread throughout this month, with the Galilean fellowship being a Silliman tradition that connects experiences across current and alumni batches. Students are hosted in homes of faculty, staff and alumni during the Galilean. They are invited to an open sharing of life experiences as they reflect on biblical texts. They also fellowship over snacks or a light meal, like a big family enjoying each other’s company.

It is during UCLEM when more time is allocated for students, faculty and staff, and members of both Silliman and the larger community of Dumaguete to gather in groups. They collectively learn more about the bible, reaffirm their faith and relationship with God, and provide support to each other as they go through their individual life journeys.

UCLEM is celebrated every semester. The schedule for this month can be viewed on the website: UCLEM Schedule of Activities.