Silliman Produces 8 New Licensed Engineers

Silliman Produces 8 New Licensed Engineers

Eight graduates from the College of Engineering and Design are among the country’s new certified civil and electrical engineers, based on results of the licensure examinations released by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Silliman University registered passing rates of 57.14 per cent and 33.33 per cent in the Electrical Engineer and Civil Engineer Licensure Exams, respectively.

Congratulations to our new licensed engineers!

Civil Engineers:

  • Baliola, Rica Ramos
  • Caluscusan, Adele Freya Rubia
  • Casanova, Van Phillip Lerio
  • Katada, Sahara Jane Imboy

Electrical Engineers:

  • Alzubi, Brixton Corros
  • Cape, Elmer Jun Cayang
  • Dizon, Jeffrey Lloyd Bulingot
  • Pileo, Lemuel Jorolan