Students from Japan, US on Campus for Service-Learning

Students from Japan, US on Campus for Service-Learning

Two batches of students, one from Japan and another from the United States, are on campus for service-learning.

Six students from International Christian University in Tokyo comprise the first batch, and will be on campus until July 25. They are: Ayaka Barada, Chinatsu Yamana, Hinako Hosonuma, Risa Hanato, Jun Kawasaki and Sana Iwashita.

Two American students are also currently with the School of Basic Education for service-learning until July 17. They are Ashley Anderson and Arne Anderson, who are sisters. 

Under the program, coordinated by the Institute of Service-Learning (ISL), students are immersed in local communities and exposed to Filipino culture and the local way of life. They have an opportunity to broaden their perspective of certain issues and at the same time find practical application for concepts and principles learned in the classroom. 

Every year, ISL receives groups of students from diferent universities in Asia and the US for service-learing.