Founders Day Message

Founders Day Message

Happy Founders Day!

It is truly marvelous to hear people greet each other “Happy Founders Day!” like how we would to friends celebrating their birthday. And such greeting naturally invokes emotions that bring memories of campus life of years past rushing back.

Batchmates or not, we see Sillimanians and friends on campus exchanging pleasantries, tapping on that common connection through a smile or a handshake. Our alumni – young and old – don shirts and wave paraphernalia like students that they once were in uniforms. They wander around the campus and take a pause at spots where they transport themselves back into time, narrating scenes and characters that play out in what now is story that have greatly touched their lives.

Founders Day is when Silliman Spirit comes more alive than ever.  

Themed “A Mighty Fortress is our God,” our Founders Day is characterized by the steadfast love that Sillimanians across the globe continue to hold for the University. Silliman was born of a gift, and every year that passed, our celebration has always been about offering back to God the gem within us that is Silliman University.

Our Silliman experience continues to teach many things about life even beyond the Portals. And we hope that wherever we may be, we keep aflame our love for our Alma Mater. After all, Silliman University lies not in the City of Gentle People; it rests and flourishes right in the heart of every Sillimanian.