2nd Sem Enrollment Higher than SY 10-11

2nd Sem Enrollment Higher than SY 10-11

College enrollment for the second semester of School Year 2011-2012 registers an increase, compared to figures in the same semester last school year.

Enrolled this second semester are 6,355 students from around the Philippines and over 20 other countries, against the college student population of 6,266 in the same semester of last school year

The attrition rate, taken by comparing the college student population this second semester against the first semester, is also down to 4.3 percent. Last year's attrition rate was 4.6 percent.

Decrease in enrollment in the second semester is a trend among academic institutions. This is attributed to several factors, two of which are completion of final requirements by the end of the first semester and decision to transfer or suspend schooling due to financial constraints.

University enrollment, which includes the School of Basic Education, is at 8,630.