79 Stars Shine Bright on Silliman Campus at Night

79 Stars Shine Bright on Silliman Campus at Night

A giant red star that hangs right at the corner of an illuminated Silliman Hall leads 78 other small colorful stars decked on acacia trees around the campus at night. 

Joint lighting of the Christmas stars at the acacia trees took place in the first week of December, with the giant red star already beaming its welcoming glow as early as the last week of November.

There are thirty-nine out of over 300 acacia trees on campus that are decorated with stars. Each gives off their respective hues: 20 blue, 17 red, 15 pink, 14 yellow, 8 green and 4 orange.  All 79 complement the moon’s warm light yellow painted over the 36-hectare main campus.

Most distinct are the stars arranged in the acacia trees that narrow down from the East Quadrangle towards the Silliman University Church. The harmony of colors from the stars makes the Church stand out more – a reminder that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ.

This simple yet elegant display of lights starts from 6:30PM to 10PM daily.