Simulation Lab Project Receives $500,000 Grant

Simulation Lab Project Receives $500,000 Grant

The Office of the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) of the United States Agency for International Development has given a grant of US$500,000 for the development of a virtual simulation laboratory.

Coursed through the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, the grant allows for Silliman to renovate its existing virtual laboratory. It includes purchase of equipment, including human patient and other robotic simulators, critical to recreate various scenarios such as natural calamities and other disasters.

These pieces of equipment will provide students and healthcare professionals in neighboring schools and provinces an opportunity to analyze certain decisions and courses of action by simulating different hospital-based conditions.

Silliman already has in place a virtual laboratory housed at the Olivia Villaflores-Yanson Hall which features STAN, a human patient simulator. The laboratory is currently being utilized by healthcare students in determining the proper administration of medicines and conduct of related medical procedures.  

The University envisions enhancing the capability of the virtual laboratory and expanding its coverage. Part of the plan is to to develop web-based courses and content from the simulation exercises to facilitate collective learning and interaction on real-life situations.