Medical School Wins National Quiz Bee

Medical School Wins National Quiz Bee

The Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) emerged as the champion in the national quiz bee competition held during the 45th Annual Convention of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC) Foundation, Inc. on February 9 to 11.

Senior Jennilie Faith Bomediano and sophomores Lawrence Laurel and Ray Raphael de Guzman scored the highest in both elimination and final rounds that generated a total of 108 questions. They won against the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay College of Medicine.

Bomediano, Laureal and Guzman received a trophy, and contributed to two other highlights of the national convention which were spearheaded by Silliman: launching of the book Revitalizing Professionalism: Stories of Becoming the 5-Star Filipino Physician and the speech of SUMS Dean Dr. Jonathan C. Amante which reflected on the “5-Star Filipino Physician”.

The book Revitalizing Professionalism: Stories of Becoming the 5-Star Filipino Physician was developed and launched under the leadership of Christian Emmanuel T. Lim, a junior at SUMS and the first president of the APMC Student Network. It contains 30 contributions from medical students and new medical doctors on their thoughts about their profession.

“(We have) collegially decided to come up with a book of essays and short stories written by our members. This would allow us to share experiences and thoughts, and hopefully feel a sense of unity,” Lim wrote in his message in the book.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amante spoke about the “Role of 5-Star Filipino Physician in this Ever-Changing World”. He reflected on at least the five different roles that a Filipino physician takes on: healthcare provider, teacher, researcher, manager and social mobilizer.

A practicing physician, Dr. Amante discussed the dynamism of the medical profession and shared his thoughts about how a doctor can impact on communities in many ways even outside the hospital setting.

He concluded his talk with the poem “Anyway” by Mother Theresa, and echoed its message for the need to do what is right even in the absence of appreciation from the people around.

SUMS continues to develop innovative learning approaches into its curriculum. In 2010, its first batch of graduates garnered 100 percent in the Physician Licensure Exam. The same perfect mark was repeated the next year.