Beyond the Portals 
Ben S. Malayang III, President  

Graduation day starts yet another journey in your life. It is in itself a symbol of the potential you have in you to widen the impact of what you do as a person and a member of a global community.  

On behalf of Silliman University, I congratulate all the graduates! 

Your graduation is a source of pride to us as it is to your family. It culminates in large part years of hard work, perseverance and commitment towards the attainment of your goals and aspirations. As well, it sets sail the continuing value of a Silliman education to inspire you to live out a life of competence, character and faith beyond the Portals. 

Strengthen that bond that you have developed with your friends. Keep close to heart your memories of campus life. And let that Silliman Spirit within you shine bright to make your life a blessing to many.