Call to Action: Observe ‘Earth Hour’

Call to Action: Observe ‘Earth Hour’

Silliman University Enjoins the Public to Observe Earth Hour  

Saturday, March 31, has been designated as Earth Hour for 2012.

As an individual and a collective responsibility, Silliman University is enjoining everyone to observe Earth Hour.

At exactly 8:30 in evening of that day, let us turn off our electricity for an hour. Let us be one with the country and the world in this collective call for action on climate change.

Earth Hour may just be a modest step to show our concern for the environment; but as a collective habit, the idea behind it makes the routine a most significant support to show that we care, we are involved, and we can do something about climate change. 

Today, the world’s weather pattern tells us that we need to take care of the environment. We need to promote clean and alternative energy. We need to substantially minimize pollution. We need to protect our homes, our community and the world from the effects of climate change.

Earth Hour calls us to be united. Let us act now! An hour without electricity is a start towards the substantial goal of helping our world by helping ourselves.

On March 31 at 8:30 in the evening, let us turn off our electricity for one hour. Let us all join hands in celebration of Earth Hour.