SOAD Officer Presents ‘Project Agape’ in Korea

SOAD Officer Presents ‘Project Agape’ in Korea

Student Organizations and Activities Division (SOAD) Officer-in-Charge Mr. Abe Cadeliña presented a socio-civic program targeted at alleviating the plight of poor children and communities, on March 28 at the Seoul Women’s University in Korea.

The program, named Project Agape, of which he is assistant director, links volunteers to partner communities in Negros Oriental where access to quality education is rated low. Since its establishment in 1998, Project Agape has donated computers and other learning materials to its recipient communities, apart from undertaking regular extension activities.

Affiliated with the Sociology-Anthropology Department of Silliman University, Project Agape also facilitates international students’ experience with grassroots communities in the province, providing depth to their socio-cultural appreciation of the country.

It hosted in January this year a group of students from SWU who were enrolled in a Global Service Learning class. The same group was at the gathering that Mr. Cadeliña attended and was one of three student groups that shared their experiences in volunteer work in the Philippines.

Mr. Cadeliña also had the chance to visit Jeju Hala University where he shared information on Project Agape and also explored opportunities of collaboration with two of its officials: Prof. Kabsu Kim, Chief Professor of Education of the Research Institute of Equine industry, and Mr. Choi, Kang-je, Director of the Korean Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine Division.

Project Agape is headed by Sociology and Anthropology Department Chairperson Prof. Fred V. Cadeliña. It is preparing to host another international group of Korean students this August.