CCTV Cameras Installed

CCTV Cameras Installed

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are now installed at five strategic areas in Silliman University.

These CCTV cameras supplement ongoing safety and security measures being undertaken by the University to promote the welfare of its students and personnel.

There are now CCTV cameras at the entrances to the Early Childhoold, Elementary and High School Departments of the School of Basic Education (SBE), and at two major gates leading to most academic and administrative buildings and offices: Langheim and Administration.

With more to be installed in other critical areas, these CCTV cameras assist the University in enhancing its monitoring capability, particularly at drop-off and pick-up points at the SBE.

Overseeing the effective utilization of the CCTV cameras is the Public Assistance and Safety Office. The same office supervises security over the 62-hectare Silliman campus.