Welcome ‘Home’

Welcome ‘Home’

NOTE: “Leadership Reflections” shares views of the different members of the University Leadership Council on matters related to campus life and the operations of the University. As well, it features opinions on issues of national and/or international relevance.

Welcome to School Year 2012-2013
By Dr. Ben S. Malayang IIIPresident 

There are more reasons than one to be excited about the opening of a new school year. For one, it ushers in fresh opportunities to know yourself better — through the new academic challenges you'll face, the new people you meet, the new ideas and thoughts you come across, and the new campus life you will be experiencing.

As your days in Silliman unfold, you are sure to get into moments of assessing your goals and aspirations in life and how you envision yourself to become after leaving the University. And, perhaps, like many Sillimanians before you, these days in the campus may bring you into putting a “who” to be more important than the “what” in your life.

Let this new school year brighten up and make clearer the pathway on which you trek towards living out the eternal pursuit of competence, character and faith. Explore and enjoy what this campus by the sea has to offer in its classrooms, church and chapels, athletic courts, centers of cultural and residential activities, and in the communities it serves, which are its many venues for further transforming you into becoming a better person who can make a difference — and leave a legacy — in the lives of the community you belong. 

Silliman is your home. Please make it one.