MoA Clarifying Joint Responsibility over SU Hospital Signed

MoA Clarifying Joint Responsibility over SU Hospital Signed

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) further clarifying the relationship between Silliman University and the Silliman University Medical Center Foundation, Inc. (SUMCFI) was signed on June 9 at the Board Room of the Leopoldo T. Ruiz Administration Hall of the University.

University President Dr. Ben S. Malayang III said the MoA defines the relationship of the University and SUMCFI over the premier hospital of the province, Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC).

“The relationship is now clearly defined over our mutual responsibility to the Silliman University Medical Center, so the two institutions are qualified to be equal partners in the pursuit of healing ministry and on our joint responsibility over the hospital,” he said. 

The MoA affirms the ownership of the University of the hospital; only the management and operation of the hospital is entrusted to SUMCFI.

“This agreement today represents the unity of purposes. We respect the autonomy of our respective corporations. One thing for sure: there is only one Silliman University Medical Center and there are now two corporations that will make sure the donors of this hospital will be happy that it continues to do what it was intended to do,” Dr. Malayang said.

He added the signing also speaks of the “University’s continuing trust and confidence on the Foundation that it is able to run the hospital of the University in a manner consistent with the mission and vision of Silliman University.”

Since it was founded in 1901, Silliman pursues a tri-logical mission: teaching, preaching and healing. “If you remove one of these, it is no longer Silliman.”

SUMCFI President and Administrator Mr. Roberto Montebon echoed the rationale behind the agreement. 

“We are all in an agreement that, indeed, the Foundation and the University will work together to achieve its common vision and mission,” he said.

He likened the relationship to what takes place in a family: “That the parent has born a child that has grown in a way that it can also pursue its own, and it is still part of the family.”

“We may never lose sight of the fact that the heritage and legacy of this hospital is to remain true to the mission, vision and ideals of the founding fathers. And this MoA really puts together and articulates those ideals and values that the University and the Foundation share together as a member of one big family,” Mr. Montebon said.

Present during the signing were some officers of the two institutions and members of their respective Board of Trustees (BOT) and Board of Directors (BOD), led by  Prof. Leonor M. Briones for the University's BOT and Judge Candelario V. Gonzales for the Foundation's BOD.

Both BOT and BOD Chairpersons, in their respective messages, considered the MoA a development as it ascertains the ownership of the Silliman University of the Silliman University Medical Center since it was established, and empowers the Foundation to manage and operate it consistent with the mission and vision of the University.