Enrollment Up by 3.67%

Enrollment Up by 3.67%

The overall enrollment of Silliman University this School Year 2012-2013 rose by 3.67 per cent.

This development as of June 29 brings up the total University student population to 9,259, registering an increase of 338 students.

College enrollment takes up 4.5 per cent of the overall increase, with 338 students over last school year’s first semester's 8,921. First year college enrollment has also increased by 9.7 per cent or 169 students, driving up the figures to 1,919.

School of Basic Education (Early Childhood, Elementary and High School) enrollment, on the other hand, accounts for 1.7 per cent of the overall increase, or 39 students. Its population is now at 2,320, compared to previous school year’s 2,281.

Based on the comparative enrollment report of the Office of the Registrar and Admissions, there are nine academic units in the tertiary level with at least two-digit increase in their respective student populations: College of Arts and Sciences (22.6 per cent), College of Education (12.4 per cent), College of Engineering (27 per cent), College of Law (14 per cent), College of Mass Communication (4.2 per cent), Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences (25.9 per cent), School of Public Affairs and Governance (68.8 per cent), School of Medicine (30.3 per cent), and the Intensive English Program for special students (125 per cent).

The University considers the increase in enrollment a product of collaboration among its faculty, staff, alumni and the members of larger Silliman community to ensure the University’s sustainability across programs, services and personnel.