Silliman Performs Handulantaw

Silliman Performs Handulantaw

The Silliman Performs program this year is titled Handulantaw, which constitutes a collective act of remembering. It has fragments of the past fifty years of culture and the arts in Silliman and more—a cultural mosaic of the locale that continues to shape, instruct and inspire this generation of artists and cultural workers in its own being and becoming. It is a necessary conversation that invites retrospection and looking forward. Hence the deliberate connection of handum/handumanan(“reminisce/keepsake”) and lantaw (“looking forward”). Handulantaw features many of the best cultural acts in campus, and the debut of Symphony Sin Arco.

Ticket Information: 

August 23, Thursday

8 PM Gala. Tickets available at P200, P300, and P500.

Season tickets are usually honored during the first gala show. All tickets and season passes for Luce Auditorium shows are available for sale at the College of Performing and Visual Arts building, and at the theater lobby before the show begins. For ticket reservations and other inquiries, call (035) 422-4365 or 0917-513-3312. 

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