CHED Grants Silliman P3M for 3 Projects

CHED Grants Silliman P3M for 3 Projects

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) approved three research project proposals of Silliman University amounting to P3 million.

All three proposals are covered by the Grants for Research program of CHED for Centers of Excellence in Health Professions Education. The grant program is for a select group of nursing institutions earlier designated by CHED as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.

Silliman is a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education and one of few universities offering a post-graduate degree in nursing.

These three proposals are “Revitalizing Primary Health Care (PHC) through Nursing Education and Practice”, “To Strengthen and Expand the Reproductive Health Training Center (RHTC) Services at Silliman University College of Nursing”, and “Strengthening the PhD Program at Silliman University College of Nursing”.

On a P1,912,000 grant, the two-year project on PHC aims for PHCs integration into the curriculum, in coordination with the local government of Dumaguete. It also involves training of barangay health workers, public health nurses and midwives on common complementary therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, ventusa, moxibustion and herbalism.

Targeted at mothers and children, the three-year project on reproductive health received a grant of P550,000. It provides training and varied services on family planning through the RHTC at Silliman, including reproductive health counseling, prenatal care, and education on reproductive health and the rights of women.

The third project, given a grant of P538,000, seeks to produce more nurses with post-graduate degrees through an innovative program of studies promoting research-based education and practice-based nursing. Through the project, Silliman looks at further expanding its linkages and exploring opportunities of assisting those desiring to pursue a PhD in nursing with scholarships.

CHED’s grants to Silliman are in recognition of the importance to strengthen a selected group of nursing institutions “to initiate and take the role in upgrading the quality of nursing education and training in the country”.