MassComm Students Engaged on PopDev, Social Media

MassComm Students Engaged on PopDev, Social Media

The College of Mass Communication hosted the Visayas leg of a nationwide seminar aimed at raising awareness of population and development (popdev) issues among the youth. 

“Mulat Pinoy: Social Network Regional Youth Forums”, conducted September 27 at the Silliman Hall, discussed with college students popdev, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and responsible use of social media.

A key program of Probe Media Foundation, Inc., which was established by award-winning broadcast journalist Ms Cheche Lazaro, Mulat Pinoy is a social media initiative targeting young Filipinos coming from different disciplines. On its website, it emphasizes the need for the youth to “be made aware that the choices they make now on marriage, births, use of resources, food, etc., have an impact on development of society.”

Two speakers crystallized the advocacy of Mulat Pinoy at Silliman: journalist Ms Ana Santos on “Sex and Sensibilities”, sharing her thoughts on myths and misconceptions about sex; and Mr. Michael Josh Villanueva of on responsible use of social media. (To read Mr. Villanueva's live feeds on the event, click: Mulat Pinoy at Silliman.)  


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