Australian University Students Complete 11-Day Study Tour

Australian University Students Complete 11-Day Study Tour

Ten students from the University of Southern Australia were on an 11-day study tour of Silliman University early last month.

Led by Dr. David Arthur, who is also a visiting professor in Silliman handling courses under the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program, the students were hosted by the College of Nursing.

The group was composed of Regan Anne Chesterfield, Michelle Croser, Fiona Margaret Gill, Chantel Marie Lloyd, Kristy Joy Kelly, William Kepa, Chantelle Jade Morgan, Paige Nash, Hayley Watkins and Emilyn Victoria Tanilon. They were also accompanied by Ms Tina Lee Ann Jenkins.

Dr. Arthur said the visit was part of the academic requirements of the students. Their program brings them to different countries where they learn the culture and are exposed to local realities in nursing education and clinical practice. 

They also visited the communities where Silliman Nursing majors undertake community work and service-learning, and provide perspective to classroom discussions on healthcare issues on the ground.

Silliman was only one of two universities they visited in the Philippines.