CELTA Launches ‘ArtReach’ for Children; Env’t is Focus

CELTA Launches ‘ArtReach’ for Children; Env’t is Focus

The Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment (CELTA) of the College of Education launches this summer an outreach art workshop for children that focuses on the environment.

Dubbed “ArtReach”, the workshop offers from April to May free art appreciation classes that highlight the importance of environmental stewardship among children. A unique feature is the use of recyclable and recycled materials in its art activities.

ArtReach reaches out to children with ages 4 to 10 years old. These children belong to communities or organizations where the conduct of art activities is constrained by meager resources. For this first roll-out, CELTA is partnering with the Kalauman Development Center, Bulak Elementary School in Ajong Sibulan, United Church of Christ of the Philippines–Sibulan church, and the Little Children of the Philippines in Dumaguete.

Student-teachers from the College of Education are involved as volunteer facilitators.

CELTA, which undertakes extension activities for the College, envisions covering a bigger area and benefiting more underserved children in Negros Oriental over the next summer breaks.