‘Silliman Journal’ Online; Opens Entries to Special Issue

‘Silliman Journal’ Online; Opens Entries to Special Issue

The Silliman Journal, the official research publication of Silliman University, can now be viewed on and downloaded from the Silliman website: www.su.edu.ph. Copies can be found under the “E-Publications” tab in the header of the homepage. More issues will be uploaded in the next weeks.


The Silliman Journal (SJ) of Silliman University is calling for contributions for its special literary issue, the Tiempo Centenary Issue, to be dedicated to Dr. Edilberto K. Tiempo and to Dr. Edith L. Tiempo. The journal is accepting works in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and literary criticism.

The deadline for submission has been set on May 31, 2013. The journal is scheduled to come out in August, in time for the birth centenary of Dr. Edilberto K. Tiempo, and second death anniversary of Dr. Edith L. Tiempo.

Please submit your literary contribution online to the following genre-specific email addresses, using MS Office Word 2007, Times New Roman, 12 pts., double spaced:

  1. Poems to Poetry editor Grace Monte de Ramos: [email protected]
  2. Essays (Creative Nonfiction & Literary Criticism) to Essay editor Marjorie Evasco: [email protected]
  3. Short fiction to Fiction editor and Issue editor-in-chief Anthony L. Tan: [email protected]; [email protected]

Please include a biography (200 words max.) so we can introduce you to the reader who may want to know more about you.

Please join this laudable undertaking. Any writer who has been connected to the Tiempos, to Silliman University, to Dumaguete City, to the Silliman Writers Workshop, to writing in general, to art and music, please be among those who want to remember the Tiempos. And when you are published in this special literary issue, you in turn will be long remembered.